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To amplify and elevate your voice. Speaker Moguls® is dedicated to positioning experts and thought leaders to secure sought-after speaking engagements and high-value contracts. 


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Courage: Act beyond fear. Venture into new territories, challenge norms, and bet on yourself. Be visible, be audacious.

Competence: Elevate your expertise. Anticipate client needs and drive efficiency. Navigate change and set industry standards.

Kelly Charles-Collins

Kelly Charles-Collins is a retired trial attorney of over two decades and law firm partner turned keynote and award-winning TEDx speaker and highly paid and sought-after corporate trainer.

Kelly has been hired by companies such as eBay, Raymond James, United States Tennis Association, BayCare Health System, Tampa International Airport, grow Financial, Quality Distribution, Big Brothers, Big Siters, Delek US and more to train their teams. She was twice voted Most Inclusive HR Influencer. Since becoming a full-time entrepreneur in 2020, Kelly’s speaking business has generated over $700,000 and she commands speaking fees of $25,000 and above.

Kelly's media features include ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes, Fast Company, Authority Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, Thrive Global and more.

She is also the author of 5 books, including Conversations Change Things: The “PER”fect Framework for Courageous Conversations and Unapologetic AF: 34 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Badass and Convo Catalyst: The Humanistic Guide to Ignite Dialogue, Shift Perspectives & Cultivate Change.

Kelly is a teacher at heart. She loves seeing women thrive. Through her speaking, mentoring, and teaching, Kelly is on a mission to ensure that women’s value is not erased and that women experts are affirmed, amplified and elevated in the speaking industry and corporate training space.

Kelly’s approach to building a speaking business is innovative and she leverages her proprietary frameworks to position her clients to secure lucrative corporate training contracts and paid speaking engagements.
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